dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Grand Opening

This is the blog of my Art Gallery "Au Bonheur du Jour", in the historical center of Paris, 11 rue Chabanais (2e arrondissement).
Since April 13, 1999, my Gallery offers a unique collection of vintage photographs, drawings and paintings, and curiosa, depicting the so many facets of the art of life and the art of love, from the end of XIXth c. to the last decades of the XXth c.
From 1999 to 2009, I conceived and organized more than forty exhibitions, displaying works of many vintage or modern artists who explored the innumerable ways to desire and to love, between men and women, between women, between men.
Von Gloeden, Pluschow and Galdi, but also Lehnert and Landrock, Jean Boullet, Yves Paradis, Paul Smara, Gaston Goor, Roland Caillaux, René Bolliger, Jean-Xavier de Combeloup and so many other original artists... Between East and West, between Tunis and Taormina, my Gallery is a starting point for so many travels, in all the territories of human desire and of its memory.
I created this blog to expose my work to a wider audience and to invite you to visit my Art Gallery, in Paris, or in this virtual place.
Nicole Canet

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